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    Elixir: 5 Spices That Add Up Years To Your Life

    28 Jun 2016

    Spices do more for us than we know. Not only do they add flavor and color to our food, but they also help us live a healthy life.

    You may have heard from your mom or grand-mom that spices are good for your health. But have you ever wondered why?

    If that’s the case, here’s a list of five spices (Turmeric, Ginger, Garlic, Chilly and Cinnamon) that you shouldn’t miss out while cooking –


    Read on.


    This is on top of the list of essential spices and there are innumerable reasons why. Turmeric is used in almost all Indian cooking. It adds beautiful yellow color and flavor to the item you’re cooking. You may have used it a lot as well. But here’s what it does along with giving you a glorious taste – it’s anti-inflammatory and very effective for your stomach. It also takes away pain of osteoarthritis. In one of the researches, it’s found that turmeric extract acts as a great medicine for irritable bowel syndrome. Moreover, what’s exciting is that if you eat turmeric on regular basis, the chances of suffering from cancer get reduced. Why? Because turmeric contains anti-oxidants including curcumin. It was also found that turmeric is great if you suffer from Alzheimer.


    If you like aromatic, spicy and pungent flavor in your meals, you must use ginger. Normally, in Indian cooking, we grind ginger in mixer and put it in the food for aromatic flavor. But do you think this is the only reason for which you should take ginger? No. There’re many more benefits of ginger which you can take advantage of. Do you know that ginger was used in Chinese Medicine, thousands of years ago? Monks and doctors in ancient China used ginger for improved blood circulation. Ginger also strengthens immunity and acts as a great defence against motion sickness. If you don’t eat ginger, you should start using it at least in your home-cooking every day. Because oils in ginger are anti-viral and contain anti-oxidants. If you exercise in the morning, you can eat mixture of chickpeas and ginger. It’s such a delicious item and also adds a lot of nutrients in your body.


    Many people don’t like the pungent odor. You also may not like it. But we still recommend that you should eat it, every day. No, don’t think, we’re recommending it for flavor. Rather we’re asking you to use it if you suffer from hair loss. Do you lose a lot of hair on regular basis? Instead of wasting time, you should eat it every day in your food or if you can, chew it in the morning. Why? There’s a sulfur compound found within garlic, called allicin. This compound prevents hair loss. Moreover, if you suffer from cough and cold, it’s a perfect remedy for common cold and its anti-oxidants also destroy bacteria that cause acne. Still you think you should avoid smelly garlic?


    Indian cooking can’t exist without using this ingredient. Yes, chilly is the must if you cook any Indian dish. But other than making food more spicy and hot, chilly can save lives. How? Here’s how. If you use chillies in your food, you will get many benefits. One of the most important is in preventing cancer. There was a research done on mice. And it was found that an anti-oxidant called capsaicin found within chilly helps prevent lung, pancreatic and prostate cancer. Moreover chilly curbs your appetite (useful for you if you would like to lose some weight) and warms up your body (in winter, it’s very useful). So along with spicing up your food, if you want to get the benefits of chillies, never stop using them.


    Cinnamon is more popular for the fragrance, but it tastes good too – a bitter-sweet-spicy combination. But instead of just using it as a spice for increasing aroma, it should be chewed on regular basis. Why? First of all, if you’re suffering from lack of appetite, you can consider taking cinnamon on regular basis. It relieves indigestion and increases appetite. If you believe in the philosophy “prevention is better than cure”, then you can consider using cinnamon in your food items. Why? Because it has anti-infectious compounds that prevent you from getting sick. Thus, if you use cinnamon as an ingredient in your everyday cooking or chew on regular basis, you would be able to prevent most of the common diseases.

    These 5 spices not only enchant your taste-buds, but they also add up years to your life. Do you still think that you shouldn’t use them in your food every day?

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