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    Organic Farming: The Eco friendly alternative

    28 Nov 2016

    Organic Farming is a lot more than just a fancy want of some. It is the need of the hour, an Eco friendly approach to farming that rejects the use of pesticides and chemicals, fertilisers, genetically modified organisms, antibiotics and growth hormones that are usually chosen for production in regular farming. Organic farming aims at the optimisation of harvest, ultimately towards a sustainable environment. It is a great alternative to regular farming that helps protect the environment, minimis

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    5 Thyme Benefits

    10 Nov 2016

    Thyme is a herb loved by all masterchefs all over the world. Its rich, exquisite flavor, vibrant fragrance makes every cook crave for it and try to add it in almost everything they cook. Thyme benefits us in almost everything it adds to. Well, it is so versatile! However, it is not just the indisputable culinary excellence that thyme evokes but other health benefits too  that makes it the king of the herbs. Here are 5 Thyme Benefits that will make you fall in love with it even more!  Cure So

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    Authentic Indian Spices and their ever-growing demand abroad

    2 Nov 2016

    Authentic Indian spices and herbs have an unmatched aura and appreciation.  Regarded as the most authentic, unadulterated and the best in the world, their demand overseas seems never to cease. The last statistical report by The Indian Spices Board, the flagship organization under the Union Ministry of Commerce and Industry, states that in 2014-15 fiscal, a total of 8,93,920 tonnes of spices and spice products valued at Rs 14,899.68 crore (US $2,432.85 million) were exported, registering a 9% in

  • Spices of Kerala are the best in the world

    Spice Paradise Kerala: The Best Spices of Kerala

    29 Oct 2016

    IndiSpice is glad to bring you a blog post about one of the most sought after spice destinations in the world – Kerala. Also known as God’s own country, the beautiful sights of Kerala are famed for its pepper and cardamom spice production. The Best Spices of Kerala – are exported all over the world and people swear by the quality offered by Keralan soil and its produce. The freshness is unmatched and the culinary experience of cooking with these spices is sure to delight any fo

  • Health benefits of kalonji seeds and nigella seeds

    Rare Health Benefits of Nigella or Kalonji Seeds

    28 Oct 2016

    Kalonji or Nigella Seeds are a popular spice used in Indian cooking to flavour dal, curries, stir fried vegetables and even savories such as samosas. What’s unknown to most people is the fact that this aromatic spice has innumerable health benefits to offer apart from a great taste. Health Benefits of Nigella or Kalonji Seeds need to be analyzed in detail. Nigella Seeds or Kalonji as is called in India can cure Acne! To apply, one needs to mix half a teaspoon of kalonji oil with sweet lim

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    10 most popular spices and herbs all over the world

    10 Oct 2016

    Spices and herbs are not limited to one particular nation or trend. They are probably, the least biased of anything else in the world right now. From Europe to Asia, Mediterranean to the Middle East, spices and herbs have a wide reach and are indispensable to every household. There are, however, a few of them more renowned than the rest. Here are the 10 most popular spices in the world. 1) Basil Basil is undoubtedly, the most popular herb used worldwide. Used both as fresh and dried, Basil is

  • 8_aryuvedic_herbs_that_actuall

    Herbilicious therapy: 10 most medically beneficial herbs

    7 Oct 2016

    Herbs are known not only for their culinary excellence but several other attributes and properties that make them the best discovery of mankind.They look good in the dried form sitting in the kitchen shelf in air tight jars, or as fresh leaves in the refrigerator, or even as themselves in the garden.They enhance every dish; make it look beautiful, taste exceptional and high with flavors but it would be unfair to limit herbs as just a taste extraordinaire. Herbs are a physician’s best friend. T

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    Do’s and don’ts of Navratra fasts – Spices and herbs allowed during fasting

    4 Oct 2016

    So what if it is the season to fast and follow some rules. No one said that could be boring. Spice up those delicious navratra meals with the spices and herbs allowed during fasting. Here is the list of Spices and herbs allowed during fasting – Cumin seeds or cumin powder – Jeera Aloo is the most sought after ‘Vrat Bhoj’ to be had during Navratras. Cumin seeds and powder can also be used in preparing other curries and veggie dishes. Black Pepper Powder – Black pepper is used worl

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    Health Benefits of Brown Mustard

    29 Sep 2016

    Brown mustard is probably the most underrated spice ingredient, nevertheless, the most interesting one. Not only do a few seeds make for a wonderful tempering for curries, but health benefits of brown mustard is innumerable. Read on. Health Benefits of Brown Mustard Brown Mustard seeds are known to use phytochemicals to defeat the growth of cancer cells in the body. Scientists have discovered mustard to be present with compounds like glucosinolates and mirosinasethat help cure cancer. The pre

  • Finest Spices in India delivered by IndiSpice, worlwide.

    IndiSpice – Delivering the finest quality spices and herbs worldwide

    29 Sep 2016

    At a time when million other startups have stepped into the idealized world of business and entrepreneurship, IndiSpice, a premium Spice brand emerges as not just a business oriented startup, but as an innovation, a passionate endeavor to change the way we perceive business as just a money seeking organization. We plan on IndiSpice seeks to attain a much more desired goal of being the one and only spice organization that attempts to change the face of spice commercialism in India and promote the

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    The most Spicy Dishes in India and their secret spice ingredients

    12 Sep 2016

    We love spices and their intoxicating appeal. How they are able to give even the blandest dish, an essence enough to captivate the senses. India is a land of spices, understandably so. Here is a list of 5 Spicy Dishes in India and their secret spice ingredients that could make your taste buds crave for more! 1) Phaal Curry Even the connoisseur of Hot Spices would shrug before indulging into the spiciest of all dishes ever! Phaal Curry is made up of the hottest of chillies, ‘IN THE WORLD’: Th

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    Turmeric Milk and its eleven charms

    7 Sep 2016

    Ever since the west got inspired by our invention and started drinking ‘turmeric latte’, it has dawned on almost most of the world, how beneficial turmeric is. Ayurveda had been saying that all along and now its practitioners can say “told you so”! To revise the already exclaimed facts by our ancestors, below are 11 reasons why you should add turmeric in milk (if you don’t already do that). 1) Antioxidant properties Turmeric Milk is a natural antioxidant that fights free radicals. This

  • Star anise for cooking - IndiSpice

    Cooking With Star Anise

    6 Sep 2016

    The world of spices is one that is vast and full of exciting varieties which spread across the culinary world. The essentiality of a spice is not merely adding taste to food but there are aspects related to health, sense and then eventually the taste itself. A sugar and salt is merely added to enhance flavor, a spice is added to give body to a dish – make it standout. For me, to make my pasta “italian” I add oregano to it and the feeling while eating the dish is not less than sitting i

  • pepper was once more expensive than gold

    All About Pepper: Why Was it a Prized Possession?

    6 Sep 2016

    Did you know that the humble pepper kept on most dining tables and sprinkled on food, has been used as a spice in India since at least 2000 BCE? We will try to learn all about pepper. Yes, pepper is prehistoric in this sense. The word ‘pepper’ originated from the Sanskrit word,pippali, meaning berry. Peppercorns are the seeds of the piper nigrumberry. Thisis only one of about 1,000 species in the Piper genus that is part of the larger family of peppers called Piperaceae. The Piper nigrumis

  • Garlic good for your health

    Garlic gurgle: prejudice, history & why you should eat it daily

    6 Sep 2016

    You may not like the smell, but you eat it every day without realizing that you’re eating it. Wondering what we’re talking about? Imagine you didn’t brush your teeth for several days and you went to meet your friends for a party. You opened your mouth to speak and your friends’ nostrils got jammed. They couldn’t say anything to you because you’re a good friend. But still, they excused themselves and left the place, leaving you by yourself. Now the smell which seemed intolerable to yo

  • Natural medicine, herbs, mortar

    Herbalism: The traditional essence to survival

    6 Sep 2016

    Herbalism is the use of plants and their products for medicinal and botanical purposes. From ages, this has been the means to survival for most people and even today, W.H.O states that 80% of the population of Asian and African countries still relies on herbs for medicinal uses. Where the world continues to advance with science and technology, it is amazing how prevalent herbs are in the field of medicine. Even with constant evolution, herbalism which is as old as almost 60,000 years, (consideri

  • Viji Kudi, 9 years old

    Spice Farmers of India and their untold reality.

    5 Sep 2016

    Meet VijiKudi, a nine year old girl who loves to play and do everything you would expect a nine year old girl to do. Except that she could not. Viji Kudi is a daughter of a spice farmer of India  in a village in Kerala. To make ends meet, she joined her family in harvesting crops. As we’re cooking our foods at the comfort of our home, surfing different channels in television and enjoying a beautiful morning with our family and friends; that girl, only nine years old is toiling hard at local f

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    5 butter recipes for Janmastami – Enjoy

    25 Aug 2016

    Janmashtmi is not just a festival; it is a tribute to the best inventions of mankind: Butter! Krishna loved butter and so do we! And what better way to celebrate his birthday than by having a feast of the best butter recipes. This Janmashtmi, give a much needed twist to the humble butter and treat your taste buds to the best taste and flavor! Here are 5 butter recipes for Janmastami will make your regular butter crave for attention. Garlic and Thyme Butter This is probably the easiest and the t

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    Spices and the Indian factor

    24 Aug 2016

    You cannot be called an Indian if you don’t have an entire area in the kitchen shelf dedicated to an array of masalas.  Indian Spices – Red Chilli Powder, Garam masala, Coriander Powder, Cumin, Mustard, Turmeric to name a few. Indians have long been associated with spices.  Longer than you might have thought them to be, for reasons different than what you may think! All the wonderful spices you see in your kitchen shelf today were once the most sought after commodities ever acquired by

  • Saffron benefits

    Is it worth it to purchase the most expensive herb Saffron?

    19 Aug 2016

    Saffron is known to be a luxurious herb, considering its exorbitant price. But if you know the most expensive herb Saffron through and through, you’ll realize that quality always triumphs price. To harvest one pound of Saffron, almost 70,000 crocus flowers are required. In each crocus flower, there’re 3 stigmas. One needs to be careful while harvesting these stigmas as the flower opens up during that time. It’s very labor intensive, thus justifying the price. Yet, it is always in demand an

  • mustard

    Mustering Mustard – Little-known History, Delicious Foods & Etymology

    15 Jul 2016

    You may use it as a liquid sprinkled on your favorite fish fry or chicken salad. And then you bite, chew and it feels like heaven. Yes its mustard. If you’re one of those people that can’t eat something without a little of this spicy sauce, then you may get a little excited about how it came into being. But, wait; do you know what we’re talking about? We’re talking about these seeds that are grinded, then mixed with lemon, pepper, onion and water. Then they’re packaged and you buy this

  • spices

    Nani, Nanu And Their Spiced Story of Indian History

    6 Jul 2016

    She rolled her eyes in wonder. The curry was so tasty. While licking her fingers for the last trace of curry, she asked her granny – “Nani, how did you make this delicious curry? Even after eating two bowls, I just can’t let go of it. So very yummy!” Granny winked and said – “Today, I will tell you about why my food tastes so good. It’s all about spices.” Thats the Spiced Story of Indian History in most cases  passed from generation to generation. *** Nandini is a freelance jou

  • Turmeric

    Elixir: 5 Spices That Add Up Years To Your Life

    28 Jun 2016

    Spices do more for us than we know. Not only do they add flavor and color to our food, but they also help us live a healthy life. You may have heard from your mom or grand-mom that spices are good for your health. But have you ever wondered why? If that’s the case, here’s a list of five spices (Turmeric, Ginger, Garlic, Chilly and Cinnamon) that you shouldn’t miss out while cooking – Why? Read on. Turmeric This is on top of the list of essential spices and there are innumerable reas

  • Chili

    Mirchi – Red Chillies of India – mindfulness, history & why it will help you live a long life

    25 Jun 2016

    We all know that being mindful is the master skill of all in this present age of distraction. And we all are trying to learn how to be mindful. What if I tell you that there’s one method that doesn’t require you to concentrate at all. All you need to do is to take a bunch of Mirchi – Red Chillies in your hand and then chew them till the end, without drinking any water in between. You know what would happen? Yes, you will blow steam from your mouth, nostrils and earholes. And the only t

  • Dark Spices

    Rediscovering Native Dark Spices

    25 Jun 2016

    Due to the usual and unusual flurry of spices that are increasingly being used in the modern world, especially from the West, some indigenous spices have lost a little flavour, as it were, with the natives. Among a few U- or underrated spices in India, let’s look at three rather ‘dark’ spices and rediscover their uses and flavours. BLACK CARDOMOM Black Cardamom or Hill Cardamom is related to green cardamom. Unbeknownst to most of us, both of them belong to the ginger family. However, that

  • pepper spice and the story behind it

    Pepper: How It Changed The Way The World Eats

    13 Jun 2016

    When you visit your favourite restaurant to eat fried chicken (or any item you like), you would definitely look for two things to sprinkle on your food: salt and pepper. Then you bite, munch and let the delicacy of your food melt into your mouth. But while you’re eating this, do you know how this pepper connects the world-history in one thread? Do you know that if the events in the history would’ve not taken place, you couldn’t sprinkle your favourite pepper on your food! So while you munc