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Fenugreek Seeds or Methi Seeds as they are known in India are essential to Indian cooking and are a part of every Indian household. This small, hard, mustard yellow seed has a tangy, bitter, burnt-sugar flavor. It has many medicinal benefits as well. Indispice Fenugreek Seeds are delivered worldwide and assure a high quality product for cooking.


Fenugreek Seeds have a tangy, bitter, burnt-sugar like taste.


They are used while preparing curries, pickles and sauces. You'll get more flavor out of fenugreek seeds by grinding or dry frying them. To dry fry, heat up a pan, tip in the seeds and, over a medium heat, brown for a couple of minutes, tossing them around the pan frequently. As the seed's so hard, they're difficult to grind by hand so, for recipes that call for ground, rather than whole, buy ready-ground, unless you have a small coffee grinder.

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