Coriander Seeds (Dhaniya)


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Enjoy your meals with a rustic feel, with the help of warm and subtle flavor of coriander seeds. Delivering all over the world, IndiSpice guarantees you the best coriander seeds in the market, handpicked and carefully chosen from the best spice farms of the country.


Coriander seeds have a slightly citrucy, fruity flavor that is subtle and warm. The flavor profile of Coriander is complex, yet unmatched in the whole spice world. With a nutty crunch and penetrative aroma, Coriander seeds win everybody's hearts.


Coriander seeds are extensively used in Indian Cuisine, for condiments like pickles and chutneys, pastes and also in regular dishes. An indispensable ingredient in 'Garam masala', Coriander seeds have an undisputed reputation with regards to being the most sought after spice in India. Apart from that, it is also used widely in Asian, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cooking.

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